COVID-19: Ottawa Real Estate in the first few days

Dan Discusses the Effects of COVID-19 on Ottawa Real Estate

Turns out I had a lot to say about many different aspects of the real estate market in Ottawa after the Pandemic came and semi-lockdown began.

In the video I cover:

– how showings have been going — gloves, special shoes, lysol wipes, etc.
– multiple offers!!! Still? Yes.
– how will we handle listings?
– what’s best for you as a buyer? As a seller?
– moving forward in the short term?
– will market slow down?
– still a seller’s market?
– some buyers will stop looking
– Pandemic is affecting everyone!
– now is a good time to think
– recession
– second wave
– what happened during 2008 financial crisis? How did it affect Ottawa? A historical perspective.
– highly motivated buyers and sellers are still in the market
– if it’s not urgent you may want to pause your real estate moves
– social commentary on common buyers/sellers in Ottawa
– need to sell? Ok with strangers coming through your home?
– realtors should take exceptional precautions in your home, or maybe just don’t list it yet.


About 8 minutes in I make some predictions, that I am bound to regret, about the real estate market and how it will rebound after the Pandemic passes.

Here’s the link to the Moneysense story and background page I used in the video.

I’m here to educate, inform and guide you through the buying, selling and real estate investment process.

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