How to Buy Investment Properties in Ottawa

Dan chats with Aaron S. about how to buy investment properties in the Ottawa area and being a landlord (even if you’re self-employed)!


Dan and Aaron chat about how Aaron has been able to purchase multiple investment properties over the last few years.

Discussion includes:
– building and benefits of a team,
– finding properties,
– financing properties,
– buying and negotiating for the best properties,
– dealing with tenants,
– working with professionals to help you be successful,
– other pointers and suggestions.

How to Buy Investment Properties in Ottawa centres around multifamily (residential) investment properties, but some of the suggestions will help with all types of real estate.

There is some good stuff within this 10+ minute video so be sure to watch it all.

Certainly your requirements and timing are different than Aaron’s — we would need to have a serious discussion to figure out the best way forward for your situation.

I’m here to educate, inform and guide you through the buying and real estate investment process. There can be many non-trivial subtleties to consider — your highest return on investment will depend on working with the right realtor.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Dan Moloughney, Broker of Record
Ottawa Urban Realty Inc.

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