Utilities Transfer Information

Ok, so you’re just about to close on your home purchase or sale, what do you do for the utilities? Does it just magically get setup for you? Maybe, or maybe not ;^)

Property tax bills should be moved to the new owner, generally done by the city or your lawyer on closing.

Here’s additional information:

City of Ottawa (water/sewer/taxes):


Call 3-1-1 or 613.580.2400

Enbridge (Natural Gas)


Customer Connections Contact Centre at 1-888-427-8888.

Hydro Ottawa:

Online form to be completed at least 10 business days prior to the move:


Rogers Moves Concierge:


Or call: 1.866.841.3705

Bell Moving:



It’s also a great idea to go through all your personal bills, banking, insurance and contacts to make sure everyone is updated properly. You might also consider paying Canada Post to forward your mail, here’s the link:



Professional Photography

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The presentation and photographs are what bring in potential buyers of your home. Professional staging and photography could make such a huge difference in the final terms of the sale (higher sale price, faster sale, shorter conditions, etc.) that there is NO EXCUSE to not work with professionals.

Call or contact Dan to discuss further.

Talking Ottawa Real Estate with Rob & Dan

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First-Time Home Buyer Incentive UPDATE

National Housing Strategy

According to  CMHC-SCHL the Government of Canada just released several tools and resources to help with the First-Time Home Buyer Incentive program.

These include:

1/ the product highlight sheet (PDF)

2/ the online calculator on the government website

3/ all about the program on the government website

4/ all about the process on an awkward government website, that may or may not work for you


Possibly, the most important question is how the “loan” is paid back. According to a quick review of provided info, you can pay back the full loan if you want at any time. If you sell the home you need to pay back as a percentage of the sale price.

For example, you “borrowed” 10% of value of a new home. When you sell you must pay the government of Canada 10% of the sale price, whether value went up or down.

For resale (not new) homes the max is 5% of value.

Why not borrow the full amount you can, and then if value goes up a lot, pay off the full loan just prior to selling? Not yet clear how this would be handled.

I expect there will be MANY more questions about the process and requirements. It really doesn’t seem like the government thought this program through…but it does line up nicely for a fall election.

There is no doubt that first time buyers are finding it MUCH harder to buy a home in the Ottawa market. Hopefully this program will help in a meaningful way.

Why is it so confusing to google real estate listings?

The 2 most accurate ways to get information about a real estate listing are to:

1) Look it up on Realtor.ca (also known as MLS.ca)

2) Go directly to the listing agent/brokerage’s website, if you know it.

Google’s search algorithms are always changing and you never know what you will see when you search in Google. It’s confusing.

Stay tuned for my upcoming email explaining how real estate listings are distributed on the internet.

First Steps to Home Buying

How to buy the BEST possible home


Buying a home may initially seem daunting but following these steps can help to simplify the process.  I see many first time buyers unsure of how to begin searching for a home and these are the tips I give them.

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Ottawa Real Estate Commentary January 2019

The Ottawa Real Estate market was somewhat crazy at times in 2018. There were many sales that went considerably over asking. Will 2019 be the same? Have we reached the pinnacle of pricing? This video has my commentary for Ottawa Real Estate in 2018 and going forward in 2019:

2018 was a bit a crazy year in the Ottawa Real Estate market. What I tell my clients is that I have never seen anything like it in the last 16 years as a realtor and as a home buyer prior to that.

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Offices for Rent

Eleven offices  for rent, plus multiple “hot-seats” available at various price points ($500-$2100/m plus). Rent one, a few or all. Most offices facing south with windows. Partially furnished or unfurnished. Fresh paint.

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