Dan Q&A: Referring Friends to Ottawa Urban Realty

Recent Question: May I share your contact info with a family friend?


The quick answer is “Yes, please do”. Here are the biggest reasons why:
1- I will provide the best service possible. You are putting your trust in me to help your friend or family member, and I will continue to earn that trust.

2- My business is based on repeat and referred clients (buyers and sellers). Only happy clients share my name with others.

3- Over the last 16+ years as a Realtor® I have found that friends and family of my clients tend to appreciate my honesty, integrity, and approach to real estate, .

4-  It can be hard to find the right Realtor®, particularly for first-time or new-to-Ottawa buyers. A referral to a trusted professional can be exceptionally helpful to your friend or family member.

5- There could be times when I’m not the right fit for your friend or family member. It could be due to the type or location of the real estate, or even a personality mismatch (it can happen ;^). If this is the case, I will do my best to set them up with another Realtor® that will provide the services and expertise that they need. I promise.

I do appreciate referrals.

My ultimate goal is that you and your friends become RAVING FANS of Ottawa Urban Realty and share my contact info with those you love.

I am happy to answer real estate and mortgage questions. It’s fine if your friend or family member just wants to ask a few questions — I am an educator as well as a negotiator. If they want to start looking at homes ASAP, I’m ready.

Thank you for all the referrals over the years.

Be sure to contact Dan Moloughney, Broker of Record at Ottawa Urban Realty Inc. to discuss further.

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