Dan interviewed on Rogers TV — The Process

How to Benefit from a Seller’s Real Estate Market — Interview on Rogers TV

This past Monday was a fun and interesting day. My “marketing specialist” had arranged for an interview at Rogers TV (Ottawa) on the ‘daytime‘ show with Dylan Black (@dylanblackradio).

It’s true, I’ve never been on TV before, so I guess I was a little nervous. Dylan was very pleasant and helpful. We arrived at the Roger’s TV building at 2pm Monday, signed in at the front desk and then headed down a hall way to the “green room”.


Dylan welcomed us as we entered a large room with a table, large screen TV and a work table. He had several sheets of paper and notes and had obviously done his homework about the current real estate market and Ottawa Urban Realty. Thanks Dylan!

Next Dylan went over some details and suggestions about the questions he would ask. I had sent a list of suggested questions a week earlier — he picked a few and added some of his own. I would not know the exact wording or order of questions until the camera was running. They don’t edit the recordings, so I was hoping my mouth and brain would continue to communicate through the process. (I’ll let you be the judge — video is below.)

Recording Studio

Next Dylan brought us in the studio for a quick overview of how things would play out. He showed me where I would sit and told me to listen for music to signal the last 15 seconds of the interview. We took a few photos:


As expected, there was a few pages of paperwork to go through. A lovely woman from New Brunswick helped me with that. I’m sorry, but I can’t remember her name (let’s call her Angela) — she was very friendly and calming.


The show started recording at 2:30pm. I was to be the last guest for the show — sitting on the couch and smiling at exactly 2:54pm. The show seems to truly run like clockwork. I was told I would be given a few minutes notice before the microphone would be attached to my lapel, and then one minute notice before “Angela” would lead me to the studio and my location on the couch.

I sat in a big room with a large screen TV to watch the taping of the guests before me and revisit my notes. I thought the earlier guests all did a wonderful job and was hoping I would not disappoint.


“Angela” came and told me it was time. She installed the wireless microphone:

and handcuffs — no turning back!

We walked down the long hallway to the entrance to the studio. Again, “Angela” was very calming and helpful. Thank you.

Recording the Show

I sat down, adjusted my face, tried not to look around too much or directly at the camera, and then it started:

Settling in to it

As I mentioned above, Dylan was friendly and helped me through the interview. I think I may have had a few missteps while explaining details, but I’m not sure that anyone will really notice. If while watching you notice the bigger “slip”, message me the timestamp of when you think it happened. I’m curious what people notice. Thank you again to Dylan, Angela, and the other nice people at Rogers TV Ottawa. I’d love to come back and do my best to educate the public on all aspects of Ottawa Real Estate…

Dylan preparing another guest in the green room.

Arriving at Rogers TV, 8 second movie ;^)

Direct Link to Rogers TV “daytime with Dylan Black”