Q&A: Do High Ceilings Add Value?

I would suggest that homes with higher than average ceilings certainly do sell for more in most situations.

Century homes with nine to 10 foot ceilings generally have a nicer feel and flow of light, sound and air. Home buyers that appreciate older homes may not be able to recognize or tell you why it feels better, but the do know it does.

Newer homes with nine foot ceilings cost more to build and are generally reserved for higher end common builder homes or one-off builds.

Whether a newer or older home, high ceilings generally make a room seem bigger (there is more volume) and allows for bigger windows to let in more light.

Most people will like higher ceilings to a certain level. There are cases when it will feel too high or possibly inappropriate for a particular room. For example, most people prefer to feel “cosy” while eating and sleeping. A huge bedroom with very high ceilings can make people feel uncomfortable. Same with dining rooms, I have visited homes with small to medium sized dining rooms with 15 or more foot high ceilings — it just feels awkward and usually will have echo.

Again, many people may not realize why the prefer higher ceilings in some rooms versus others, but I suggest that it is due to the flow of light, air and sound.