Buying in Ottawa Urban Neighbourhoods

Are you considering a move to or within Ottawa? Is an Ottawa Urban Neighbourhood being considered? Want to walk to work or school? Ottawa used to be a small city with a well defined core of urban neighbourhoods. Certainly Centretown, the Golden Triangle, the Glebe, Lowertown and Sandy Hill would have been considered “urban” for the last 60 to 100 plus years.

Things have now changed though. Despite the fact that the geographical area of Ottawa is quite large due to the amalgamation of Ottawa with several other surrounding cities in 2001 (if interested, see wikipedia/History), you might consider several areas from the core to the suburbs to be urban in nature.

Walk or Bike

In many parts of the city you can live, work and play within a walkable/bike-able area. Certainly there are still higher concentrations of jobs (government, hi-tech, service) in certain areas, but they are not all bunched together like they were in the past. Many jobs have moved west and south of the core of the city.

Older Urban Ottawa

The most easily recognizable older urban areas are mostly within a 10 to 60 minute walk to Parliament Hill. You could also argue that they extend further west along the Richmond road corridor as well.

What do you consider “urban”? Do you wish to live an urban lifestyle? Many people do and I’m here to help with finding a highly suitable Ottawa Urban Neighbourhood for you and your family to enjoy. I am your Ottawa Urban Realtor.

Home prices average slightly higher in Ottawa’s urban neighbourhoods. You get less land. The homes are often older and possibly in need of updating. Oh, and the homes can be smaller than what you could afford further out of the city. BUT! Depending on where you and your family spend your days, you may save a LOT of time each and every day. You may save a lot of money on transportation, cars, gas and insurance. You may save yourself from a life of continual STRESS.

Going forward I intend to work through (blog/vlog) the pro’s and con’s of Ottawa’s core urban neighbourhoods. Message me if there’s a particular neighbourhood that you want me to discuss. Frankly, I have helped hundreds of people move throughout the Ottawa area — urban, suburban and even rural.

Check out this other post describing Three Reasons to Go Urban in Ottawa.

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