Ottawa Real Estate – How to Benefit from a Sellers Market

How to Benefit from a Sellers Market in Ottawa Real Estate

Ottawa Real Estate is considered a seller’s market right now. How can you gain the most benefits from the Seller’s Market? In the above 3 minute video Dan discusses a proven approach to selling your home for the highest price and best terms.

The Seller will Benefit

It’s basic economic theory, when there are more buyers than sellers, and the buyers are motivated, the sellers will do very well!

Should Sellers even prepare their homes for sale?

There will be sellers that think that their homes will sell no matter how the home is presented. Maybe it will, but will the seller get the best possible return? No. Is it worth doing work to prepare your home for sale? Yes, in most situations it is.

Do the Basics

Ask for guidance and what should be done. Talk to a professional (like me) about how to best present your home for sale. Some home owners keep their homes looking immaculate at all times, other homes will need a little help. A little de-cluttering, some paint and selling a few of those extra items you don’t want to move anyways will make a big difference!

Is it the best time ever to be a seller in Ottawa? Yes!

I believe it could be the best time ever to be a seller in Ottawa. Homes are selling quickly and very often above asking price across the whole Ottawa region. If you are thinking of leaving Ottawa, or even becoming a renter, now is your best chance to the best sale price and terms.

Appropriate Advice for Sellers

The advice I give in the video may not be exactly the same as I would give you in person. I would need to know your particular situation, requirements, wants and timing. No matter your situation though, it is a great time to sell your home.

I’m here to educate, inform and guide you through the buying, selling and real estate investment process. I guide you through the important real estate subtleties.

Let me know if you have any questions.
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Dan Moloughney, Broker of Record
Ottawa Urban Realty Inc.

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